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31 December 2017 @ 11:59 pm

I really love Japan, sometimes...
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16 September 2008 @ 12:40 am

Seriously, I think I'm way too proud of myself.

I played Ouendan a while ago, got halfway through the extra-hard level (the one with the cheerleaders and their pompoms and short, short skirts... ahem), when i got a hold of both Ouendan 2 and Elite Beat Agents. So, I got to work on them...

Ouendan 2's songs got a while while to warm up to, but I really like them now. Even the ones that proved to be a bitch to get through. I was stuck on the alien/osaka-salesman stage on hard for way too long... and half the songs in EBA made me cringe, and the stories weren't much better. But Agent Spin... and J... and Cheiftan! So cool. But, goddamn it... the last stage, as in Ouendan 2, is actually 2 songs... the first being angry/punk/emo/whatever, and the second being uplifting/rock-out/AWESOME. I could get through the first song fine... but then the Rolling Stones just didn't want me to succeed... why? WHY?!


Last night (well... Sunday night), I got through the goddamn alien stage in Ouendan 2, and after about 30mins, cleared the final pair. And this morning, I got to work on using the lovely girls... and I must say, compared to the blue boys (who took a while for me to start liking... except Shinta, who's a sweetie), I liked these girls a lot quicker... even more the the original three, to be honest.

And as for EBA.... MWAHAHAHAA!!! Think you'd beat me forever, huh? HUH?! WELL!! I conquered it... finally. And, somehow, within the same day, I'm now in the same position with the Divas, trying to get past the Stones... I've only given it a few shots so far, so I've got a while before I'll get fed up. And the Divas themselves... well. Well. They were quite... distracting at points... like when they would smack their arses,or when they were thrusting into their pompoms. I don't know if I'm looking forward to, or dreading when I unlock Commander Kahn...

... Hmm. Think I'd better sleep now. If this was tl;dr -

I played some games. I passed the hard levels. I'm a geek.

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30 July 2008 @ 01:36 am
So, I was inspired to translate more doujin... instead of trying to recover from the weekend. Helping to run AVCon is hard work... maybe I'll bitch about it in another post later...

So! Yes. My translation - let me show you it. It's everyone's favourite showerpr0n scene~ I finished this around... *checks clock* 20 minutes ago, so at 1:30am. Not as bad as last time =P

Title: Shizuku (Drip)
Circle: Otapyon
Pairing: Naruhodou/Mitsurugi
Rating: NC-17, whooo, i kid you not.
Warnings: graphic sex scenes, realistice... 'imagery', and... yeah. you know what otapyon is like.
Download links: MegaUpload RapidShare MediaFire

This will be cross-posted to narumitsuand gyaku_doujin
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02 July 2008 @ 10:24 pm
Well lookie here - a lj account! I've gone and made a few more, but they're for a RP comm... which I guess I should plug here, while I'm at it.
I'm playing as Phoenix Wright (Gyakuten Saiban 4), Sanji (One Piece), and Pip Bernadotte (Hellsing)

The Crystal Hotel

I've also applied for a HUUUUGE RP comm, called Milliways... but it'll be a while before I can post there... if I'm accepted. Probably will... maybe.

Hmm, what else... eh. Uni. Work. Eeaugh. Horrible stuff.
I've been doing some drawings... which I'd post to comms, but... I dunno. My work is really... only ever half done. Well, see an earlier post, and that's what I mean.

Hmm... well, while I'm hear... shall I post something? OK... rather than anything anime/game related, I'll post some pics of QUEEN!!! Minus Brian May... haven't drawn him yet... ahem.

God save the (remaining members of) Queen... pics may be a bit big, sorry...Collapse )
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25 April 2008 @ 09:35 pm
Lest we forget. 
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recently, i was at a race meet (oakbank), and in between races and talking to relatives, the odd thought of "... Polly would make a good jockey..." floated across my mind...
and today, in an effort to avoid doing my uni work, i scanned last sunday's paper (because i hadn't read it yet...), and found myself on the racing pages. There was a nice photo of a horse stretched out in stride, so i stared to sketch that (since horses are the only things i can draw, really...). pondering whether to draw the jockey or not, the same thought came into my head... and i followed it through.

and to waste even more time, i drew feenie and trucy with horseys too. cos who doesn't like a pretty pony?

sooo, yeah..... ahem. spoilers for GS-4, obviously. 


i HATE my mum's partner right now, hence the mood
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18 March 2008 @ 10:14 pm
lookie, lookie - i did something! 

... just in case someone misses it. i'm sure they won't. it's porn, after all.
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15 March 2008 @ 03:50 pm

 ... i guess it's time to actually post something, and not just lurk in the comment box...
 yeah. i'm down in south australia, and would like any rain you guys don't need.  i'll pay for postage, seriously. i'm currently studying applied language and intercultural communication at uni (though saying linguistics is so much easier), and i'm planning to study in japan in a year or so. was also studying french for a while, but... eeh, didn't have enough interest in it. besides, i'm much better at jap, and japan is the land of wonder, where everything fun and shiny comes from!

 ... that's enough about real life. in the world of fandom... i both write and draw, but not very well. and i get really lazy when it comes to finishing stories (i've had a ruroken fic sitting for years), and my drawings never progress from sketches. i support both het, yaoi, and a bit of yuri, but i'm not in the habit of pairing characters together just because they're rivals, or look pretty together *looks hard at the naruto community >_>*
  my current poison is gyakuten saiban. i played the first two games within two weeks of each other, bought a US import of the third game before the exams and actually managed to hold off until i had also finished my essays... and i just finished the US import of no. 4 a couple of weeks ago. and, well... WOW. this series is epic. rather than going into a huge rant about why it is so, i'll just say my pairing of choice is narumitsu. which, considering what i said eariler, is quite odd for me. i don't usually ship leading males together just cos they're rivals (like sasunaru, ichiishi, zorosanji, etc). but these two... unlike the others, they actually have a history together, and you see them together when they're not biting eachother's heads off. in that way, i guess it's simliar to my very first yaoi OTP, tezufuji from tenipuri... *reminisces*. i also like gumshoe/franziska, franziska/adrian, larry/maya, diego/mia, ron, desiree... i think larry/franziska would be awesome crack. as for characters in GS4... having just got my head around it, and seeing limited interaction, still haven't made up my mind. i can see klavier having a crush on ema, apollo having a crush on phoenix, can sort of see klavier/apollo... daddy!phoenix and trucy is TOO AWESOME FOR WORDS, and if pearls is added... aaasckjghralsk...
 ahem. other fandoms, then.
-  tenipuri (you may have guessed that one... tezuka/fuji, atobe/jiroh, inui/kaidoh; but with there being so GODDAMN many characters, you can do almost anything you want... and is there anyone who doesn't like the golden pair?)
- rurouni kenshin (kenshin/tomoe, sano/megumi, enishi/kaoru lolwut...)
- peacemaker kurogane (tatsu/susumu, sano/ayu-nee... i have odd ones for this series...)
- bleach (urahara/yoruichi, ishida/orihime, byakuya/renji, gin/rangiku, shunsui/nanao ... actually, it's been a while since i've read any fics. also don't mind renji/ichigo, ichigo/rukia, hitsugaya/momo, byakuya/rukia...)
- one piece (sanji/nami, zoro/luffy, zoro/robin, usopp/kaya, ace/luffy on ocassion, but just brotherly interaction is win... and while it's so hard to find, hawkeye/zoro is AWESOME.)
- fullmetal alchemist (roy/riza... um. that's about it. well, ed/winny and ed/al are ok, too. and i'm on the lookout for someone to go with colonel(?) armstrong. she's sex on legs. agressive sex, but still.)
- ouran host club (kyoya/tamaki, mori/haruhi, hikaru/kaoru... unfortunately, canon has made all three pairings impossible ='(. please make it better, fanfiction!)
- fruits basket (yuki/machi,
- chrno crusade (chrno/rosette interaction at any level is cool, and i'd like to find some remington/kate, if it exsists. i know, relationships in a convent, how improper =P)
- hellsing (pip/seras, alucard/integra despite how it's never going to happen...)
- hikaru no go (hikaru/touya, isumi/waya
- zelda (well, i can't deny how pretty link/sheik is, but it requires ignoring the laws of the zelda universe... otherwise, link/malon, link/midna (if it's anything above PG, make her human, please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! *has suffered aneurysms due to pictures on the internet)
- naruto (ahem... *deep breath*... naruto/gaara, naruto/hinata, neji/hinata, lee/tenten, shikamaru/ino, chouji/ino, sai/ino, kakashi/anko, kakashi/iruka, kakashi/yamato, suigetsu/karin, and... coughsasusakucough. seriously, this stuff is like poison. and it's sooo hard to find good, and i mean REALLY good fanfic out there, with it being the major het pairing. that being said, i can put sakura to almost any guy. seriously. excepting the senseis (Jiraiya and Orochi incl. obviously), lee (sorry, lee, but you're awesome with tenten), and maybe gaara and naruto (though i read an awesome pwp with naruto once... whew.) and, hell, ino/sakura can work as well. i'll rant about why i like sakura so much some other time, maybe...)
 i'm also getting into death note, vampire knight, tenjou tenge, trauma centre, and may consider blood+ (i loved the original OVA, but...)

... well, i think that's enough for now. i'll learn how to create cuts and whatnot, and might tidy this up later. but as for now... i think dad wants to do some work, and needs the comp back.

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